PaTOS: the Active Patient in Oncology

In cancer treatment trials, physicians traditionally report patient toxicity symptoms, but with the availability of easily accessible informatics technologies, patients can provide this information directly through a web application Patos.

PaTOS is a web-application based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition on the Tomcat application container and interfaced with a database schema designed and implemented with MySQL.
A simplified, patient-adapted definition of type and NCI-CTCAE grade of the 15 commonest toxicities has been inserted into the database for reporting. Moreover the patient can use a textbox to send a short message to the physicians.
Through home Web access, each patient can compile a daily report of the affecting toxicities by choosing and grading any of them from the user interface, while on the other side physicians can perform managing operations on patients’ data, as inserting or updating database information and visualize the patient toxicity by means of a graph.

Potential utilities of the system are being tested to demonstrate:
1.Accuracy, allowing patients to easily report types and grades of the experienced toxicities.
2.Flexibility, consenting patient-reporting on demand.
3.Capability to integrate and assemble with an electronic patient record and a computerized physician order-entry.

 PaTOS is a joint project between the Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Udine, Italy and MITEL.