Recognising household activities with the smartphone: paper finally published.

A feasibility study on smartphone accelerometer-based recognition of household activities and influence of smartphone position.

Della Mea VQuattrin OParpinel M.



Obesity and physical inactivity are the most important risk factors for chronic diseases. The present study aimed at (i) developing and testing a method for classifying household activities based on a smartphone accelerometer; (ii) evaluating the influence of smartphone position; and (iii) evaluating the acceptability of wearing a smartphone for activity recognition.


An Android application was developed to record accelerometer data and calculate descriptive … Continue Reading

E’ stata fondata la SIBIM – Società Scientifica Italiana di Informatica Biomedica.

L’Italia ha di nuovo una società scientifica che si occupa di Informatica Medica: La SIBIM – Società Scientifica Italiana di Informatica Biomedica.

Nel febbraio del 2017 l’Assemblea generale dei soci ha confermato il Consiglio Direttivo stabilito alla fondazione, che risulta composto come segue:

  • Silvana Quaglini (Presidente)
  • Vincenzo Della Mea (Vicepresidente)
  • Lucia Sacchi (Segretaria)
  • Pierangelo Veltri (Tesoriere)
  • Riccardo Bellazzi
  • Carlo Combi
  • Mauro Giacomini
  • Stefania Montani
  • Paolo Terenziani


The Summer School on Digital Pathology in the press

Messaggero Veneto, 19 settembre 2016: La Summer School al Campus del CRO


AIDPATH Summer School in Digital Pathology

CRO Aviano, 12-16 September 2016

This is the 2nd summer school of a series of activities including networking, workshops, summer schools and short courses designed within the European AIDPATH project ‘Academia and Industry Collaboration for Digital Pathology’ (FP7-Marie Curie Action).

This School is organized by the University of Udine in collaboration with CRO, and with the unconditioned sponsorship of Roche.


  • Introduction to Digital Pathology
  • The digital slide workflow
  • Technical aspects
  • Image analysis
  • Novel imaging techniques


The foreseen audience is constituted by 10-30 participants holding one of the following positions:

  • Medical doctors (pathologists, haematologists),
  • Laboratory technicians (Pathology Lab),
  • Biotechnologists, biologists
  • Clinical engineers, Health informaticians (with health information systems knowledge)
  • Researchers … Continue Reading

AIDPATH Workshop at ECDP 2016, Berlin

European Congress on Digital Pathology, Berlin, 24-28 May 2016

AIDPATH Workshop on Digital Immunohistochemistry
25th May 2016

1130-1230 AIDPATH private managemenaidpatht meeting

13-15 AIDPATH workshop: Digital Immunohistochemistry

  • The AIDPATH project (Gloria Bueno, UCLM)
  • Quality assurance of image analysis tools (A.Rasmusson, VPC)
  •  On Ki67 hotspots (V.Della Mea, D.Pilutti, UNIUD)
  • AIDPATH Contests and Surveys (M.Garcia Rojo and G.Bueno)

Open discussion

AIDPATH Workshop at MIE2015

26th May 2015

Place: Madrid, Spain
Workshop: Information Technology in Digital Pathology

Targeting academic and industry experts working in the field of Digital Pathology, this workshop will provide the opportunity to generate and discuss different analysis methods, case study examples and procedures. This will also allow the participants to fully understand the Information Technology (IT) techniques and image analysis tools that can be successfully applied to digital pathology. The topics cover different aspects related to The European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)working groups, such as, MIP (Medical … Continue Reading

Panel at MIE 2014

Panel at MIE2014 – Medical Informatics Europe 2014, Istanbul, August 2014

The “Common Ontology” between ICD 11 and SNOMED CT to ensure semantic interoperability

Organizers: Alan Rectora, Christopher G. Chuteb , Stefan Schulzc , Vincenzo Della Mead, Jean-Marie Rodriguesef, Kent Spackmang, T. Bedirhan Üstünh
aUniversity of Manchester, UK
bDepartment of Health Sciences Research, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota,55905, USA
cInstitute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation, Medical University of Graz, Austria
dDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Udine, Italy
eINSERM, U1142, LIMICS, Paris, France;
f University Jean Monnet Saint Etienne, France
gInternational Health Terminology Standard Development Organisation, Copenhagen, Denmark
h World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Marie Curie AIDPATH project

“AIDPATH: Academia and Industry Collaboration for Digital Pathology” is an international project focused on developing efficient and innovative products for digital pathology. AIDPATH is an IAPP Marie Curie Action European Union’s FP7 Frameworkaidpath Programme that is going to unfold for four years starting in November 2013.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s FP7 programme under grant agreement No 612471.

The AIDPATH project will foster advances in Digital Pathology through a seri
es of activities including 11 new recruitments.

Principal researchers are Gloria Bueno (Coordinator), Joseph Geradts, Dominique Segers, Rupert Ecker, David Toomey, Vincenzo Della Mea, Eugen Carasevici, Mohammad Ilyas, Guoping Qiu, Marcial García-Rojo, Lucía … Continue Reading

Panel on ICD-11 SNOMED-CT Common Ontology at MEDINFO2013

Do we need a Common Ontology between ICD 11 and SNOMED CT to Ensure Seamless Re-use and Semantic Interoperability?

(Organizers: JAG members Jean Marie Rodrigues, Stefan Schulz, Kent Spackman, Bediran Ustun, Christopher Chute, Vincenzo Della Mea, Jane Millar, Kristina Brand Persson, Dipak Kalra, Alan Rector).

21 August 2013, 1030-12, Copenhagen (DK), during MEDINFO 2013 – The 14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics.

11th European Congress on Telepathology and 5th International Congress on Virtual Microscopy

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 11th European Congress on Telepathology and 5th International Congress on Virtual Microscopy to be held in Venice, Italy 6-9 June, 2012. The Congress is organized by the University of Udine, the Azienda Sanitaria ULSS 18 Rovigo, with the support of the Società di Anatomia Patologica e Citopatologia diagnostica – italian division of the International Academy of Pathology, the International Academy of Telepathology, the International Academy of Digital Pathology, and other partners.