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03 Aug

AIDPATH – 1st Summer School on Stereology and Image Processing in Digital Pathology

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Vilnius, Lithuania, 7-11 September 2015

The measurement of size, shape or spatial arrangement of objects in tissues is still a challenge in science. Stereology and Image Processing techniques shed light on this problem. This course will show techniques applied to quantify properties of different tissue samples in pathology.

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01 May

AIDPATH Workshop at MIE2015

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26th May 2015

Place: Madrid, Spain
Workshop: Information Technology in Digital Pathology
2nd Workshop
Targeting academic and industry experts working in the field of Digital Pathology, this workshop will provide the opportunity to generate and discuss different analysis methods, case study examples and procedures. This will also allow the participants to fully understand the Information Technology (IT) techniques and image analysis tools that can be successfully applied to digital pathology. The topics cover different aspects related to The European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)working groups, such as, MIP (Medical Image Processing), IDeS (Information and decision Support in Biomedical and Health Care) and THI (Translational Health Informatics).
This event is a satellite workshop to MIE conference.


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15 Jul

Panel at MIE 2014

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Panel at MIE2014 – Medical Informatics Europe 2014, Istanbul, August 2014

The “Common Ontology” between ICD 11 and SNOMED CT to ensure semantic interoperability

Organizers: Alan Rectora, Christopher G. Chuteb , Stefan Schulzc , Vincenzo Della Mead, Jean-Marie Rodriguesef, Kent Spackmang, T. Bedirhan Üstünh
aUniversity of Manchester, UK
bDepartment of Health Sciences Research, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota,55905, USA
cInstitute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation, Medical University of Graz, Austria
dDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Udine, Italy
eINSERM, U1142, LIMICS, Paris, France;
f University Jean Monnet Saint Etienne, France
gInternational Health Terminology Standard Development Organisation, Copenhagen, Denmark
h World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

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04 Dec

Marie Curie AIDPATH project

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“AIDPATH: Academia and Industry Collaboration for Digital Pathology” is an international project focused on developing efficient and innovative products for digital pathology. AIDPATH is an IAPP Marie Curie Action European Union’s FP7 Framework Programme that is going to unfold for four years starting in November 2013.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s FP7 programme under grant agreement No 612471.

The AIDPATH project will foster advances in Digital Pathology through a series of activities including 11 new recruitments.

Principal researchers are Gloria Bueno (Coordinator), Joseph Geradts, Dominique Segers, Rupert Ecker, David Toomey, Vincenzo Della Mea, Eugen Carasevici, Mohammad Ilyas, Guoping Qiu, Marcial García-Rojo, Lucía González-López, Arvydas Laurinavičius, Gerald Schaefer.

Further information:

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04 Jun

Panel on ICD-11 SNOMED-CT Common Ontology at MEDINFO2013

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Do we need a Common Ontology between ICD 11 and SNOMED CT to Ensure Seamless Re-use and Semantic Interoperability?

(Organizers: JAG members Jean Marie Rodrigues, Stefan Schulz, Kent Spackman, Bediran Ustun, Christopher Chute, Vincenzo Della Mea, Jane Millar, Kristina Brand Persson, Dipak Kalra, Alan Rector).

21 August 2013, 1030-12, Copenhagen (DK), during MEDINFO 2013 – The 14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics.

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