Other projects

Current projects

Past projects

  • WEBHIS-IPCARDIO: an open source cardiology EHR, in collaboration with Associazione per la Ricerca in Cardiologia, Pordenone
  • VIRTELEPATH/eSlides, with initial funding from Olympus Europe Foundation
  • WISE:MAN Project: Wireless Integrated System for Emergency: Maps And Networking (regional funding, cooperation with SISSA-ISAS, Trieste)
  • Project “Applicazioni di Teledidattica e Telemedicina per le scuole di specializzazione in Oncologia e Anatomia Patologica tra Aviano ed Udine” (Telemedicine and e-Learning for the specialisation schools in Oncology and Pathology)
  • TeleOPer: Sperimentazione e valutazione di strumenti di telepatologia per la diagnosi intraoperatoria in ospedali periferici (Test and evaluation of telepathology equipment for surgical pathology in small hospitals) (funding: Ministero della Sanità)
  • “Rete Italiana di Telemedicina per la Ricerca, la Didattica ed il Controllo di Qualità in Anatomia Patologica” (Italian Telemedicine Network for Research, Education and Quality COntrol in Pathology), funded by the University Ministry (RITAP)
  • EU Leonardo project “CATAI Telemedicine Courses” (CATAI-CTC)
  • MULTIPATH: Distributed Multimedia Services for Telepathology
  • U Leonardo project CATAI/Telemed Consortium
  • “Merging of Communication and Computer Technologies” (EC, programma TEMPUS, S_JEP-11118-96), telepathology subproject
  • Project MANTHA (Multimedia Agent Network for Telepathology and Hypermedia Authoring)