CRO Aviano (PN) Italy, 12-16 September 2016


Since this Summer School is an official course of the University, releasing a certification valid for 5 ECTS credits, registration procedures are formal. Furthermore, there is a competitive admission process, due to the limit to 30 students. Thus, there is an admission form to be filled and accompanied by CV and possibly other documents, and then, after a (quick) selection process, there is registration form for those accepted to the School. Only at this last time you have to pay the fee.

Italian candidates may find all the information and forms in the Manifesto degli Studi.

For foreigners, this is a summary of procedures:

  1. Admission request : DEADLINE 25th August

    Requirements: a degree equivalent to an Italian Laurea (e.g., BSc or MSc, preferably in topics compatible with the course: Medicine, Laboratory Technician, Computer Science, Biomedical ENgineering, etc)

    You have to fill in the admission form; here an english annotated version to understand the contents.

    Together with the form, remember to attach a curriculum vitae, a copy of your identity card or similar document, and eventually a list of additional titles according to the second part of the form (not mandatory).

    The easiest way to send the admission form and the attachment is by email to

    At any time, feel free to ask information to the course director at

  2. Registration: DEADLINE 5th September

    Soon after the admission deadline there will be the selection process and you can then register and pay the fee.

    The form is here: we will soon provide an english annotated version.


    The fee includes hospitality in the CRO Campus and lunch. The CRO Campus is a newly built educational facility nearby the Oncologic Center of Aviano.

    Depending on arrival times, we could arrange a bus from the Pordenone station to the Oncologic Center. However, public transportation is available.